The renaissance in Logan Circle, underway since at least 1995, is nearing completion. When Whole Foods Market debuted on the 1400 block of P Street in 2011 it catalyzed a reinvigoration, begun circa 1995, and not seen in the neighborhood since the building boom of the late 19th century. Over the past several years, hundreds of units of new housing have sprouted up, dozens of new restaurants have opened in the14th and P Street corridors, and the nightlife vibe is continually enhanced by new, distinctive destinations. At the same time, the neighborhood has become an arts and retail destination for the entire metro area.

In Logan Circle you will find block after block of 19th-century Victorian brownstones restored to their original grandeur, amidst progressive, modern condominium and rental construction.

For more than 35 years, the Studio Theatre has called Logan Circle its home and stimulated positive growth and redevelopment. We happily share the neighborhood with other arts venues, galleries, and artists’ studios

The National Park Service completed a major renovation of Logan Circle Park several years ago. Once Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s “Special Place,” briefly home to General John A. Logan, and backdrop to Duke Ellington’s childhood, the only 100 percent residential circle in downtown Washington, D.C. has come a long way from its original incarnation as “Blodget’s Wilderness” and home to a gallows for hanging civil war defectors. Frequent sights in the park now include concerts, dog socials, picnics, bocce, croquet, and badminton.

Our annual commemoration of Memorial Day in Logan Circle Park is a tribute to General Logan as a Union Army Civil War hero, champion of civil rights, and author of the legislation that created “Decoration Day,” now known as Memorial Day, a federal holiday honoring the nation’s veterans. We thank the National Park Service and the Illinois State Society of Washington, DC, for collaborating with us on the commemoration.

The Logan Circle Heritage Trail, launched in 2013, provides additional homage to the history of Logan Circle via 15 historical signs throughout the neighborhood celebrating our rich social and cultural heritage. The Heritage Trail is collaboration among LCCA and Cultural Tourism DC, funded by the DC Neighborhood Investment Fund, and the District Department of Transportation.


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